Traditional Lahori breakfasts and famous naashta places in Lahore

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Traditional Lahori breakfasts and famous naashta places in Lahore

Traditional & tasty Lahori breakfasts and famous Naashta places in Lahore

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A tasty breakfast not only fulfills your appetite but also enlightens your mood. It leaves a pleasant impact on your all-day activities. A nutritious breakfast provides adequate energy to the brain and body for its proper functioning. Therefore, it is said that have your breakfast like a king. Lahore is the cultural hub of the country. This old walled city deeply rooted in its traditions and culture is also famous for its mouthwatering cuisines and desi Naashta. The interior of Lahore locally referred to as ‘Androon Lahore’ is the center of traditional big fat Lahori breakfasts. There are numerous old and famous Naashta places in ‘Androon’ city. Classic Sunday breakfast is purely a family affair and one of the most cherished meals throughout the whole week. Lahoris on weekends mostly purchase their breakfasts from bazaars.

Six Traditional Lahori breakfasts

Sub continent’s Mughal and Punjabi culture largely influences the Lahori breakfast menu. Desi and Mughlai’s touch in multiple and flavorsome varieties of Lahori breakfasts satisfies both eastern and western palates alike. The choices of breakfast are numerous.

Here we will discuss a few very special and traditional breakfasts of Lahore and famous naashta places in the city.

 Halwa Puri ; A common Lahori Naashta

Lahoris enjoy traditional desi Halwa Puri as their favorite breakfast throughout the whole year. This breakfast is rooted back in the sub-continent. It includes piping hot Puris (fried flat bread), Chaany masala (chickpea curry), Aloo ke bhujia (potato curry), and Suji ka halwa (semolina pudding). This scrumptious breakfast is equally famous among all group ages and is the most desired desi naashta of Lahoris.

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Famous Halwa Puri places in Lahore

Although there are numerous shops and roadside eateries that sell appetizing Halwa Puris daily in every nook and cranny of the walled city. Here are some of my favorite Halwa puri spots in the city;

‘Zafar Halwa Puri’ shop Anarkali bazaar,

‘Sadiq Halwa Puri’ Ferozepur road,

‘Capri’ and ‘Bundu Khan’ in liberty market,

‘Taj Mahal sweets’ near Ali Park, Shahi Mohallah, walled city of Lahore.

 Naan Chany: 

Lahoris eat Naan Chany not only at weekends but also on weekdays. The different varieties of this typical breakfast include Murgh Channy(chicken chickpeas), Mutton Channy ( Mutton Chickpeas curry), Aloo Channy( Potato chickpeas), Makhni Anda Chaany( Butter egg Chickpeas), Chikara cholay, khoye waly channy, etc. It is served with freshly baked Naan (flat bread) with or without sesame seeds on it.

 Famous Naan Chaany spots in Lahore

‘Baba Taj Din Mutton Chaney’ of Montgomery Road,

‘Mutton Chaney on Hall Road,

‘Saleem Mutton Chaney’ Timber Market, Truck Adda, Ravi Road,

‘Ghousia Mutton Chaney’ Lohari Gate,

‘Hafiz Mutton Chaney’ Lohari Gate,

‘Ghulam Rasool Mutton Chaney’ Neela Gumbad,

‘Butt Chanay’ – Pilots School, Wahdat road are some of the trustworthy breakfast eateries dealing in delicious Naan Chany in Lahore.

 Siri Paye / Bong Paye

Siri Paye is a stew prepared by slow cooking the trotters or hooves and head (of cow, goat, sheep, or buffalo) with various spices and onions.

Another form of Paye that is cooked with beef meat called Bong Paye is also popular among people. Its thick gravy is flavorful and richly nutritious loved by many as a breakfast.

Famous Siri Paye shops in Lahore

‘Phajja Siri Paye’ eatery located in taxali gate near Badshahi masjid,

‘Mano Siri Paye shop’ in Sultan Pura misri shah and,

‘Haneef Siri Paye’ Safa wala chowk near temple road, are some of the renowned places in the walled city of Lahore.

 Famous Bong Paye places in Lahore

Old and famous Bong Paye spots in Lahore are;

‘Nasir Bong Paye’ shop located in the new Anarkali Bazaar,

‘Tara Bong Paye’ of Gumti Bazaar,

‘Haideri Bong Paye’ in Dharampura, Lahore.

Nalli Nihari

Nalli Nihari is prepared by slow cooking of the shank meat (beef or mutton) with bone marrow (nalli) and fried brain (maghaz). Lahori devours this finger-licking good thick, brown, heavy-on-the-spices gravy with a piece of tender meat topped with a layer of oil with freshly baked tandoori Roti (flat bread). This is a  popular breakfast among locals on Sundays and a bit heavy on the budget.

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Renowned nalli nihari places in Lahore

Some famous eating places of Nalli Nihari in Lahore are;

‘Muhammadi Nihari’ in Mozang,

‘Waris Nihari House’  Aabkari Road in New Anarkali,

‘Delhi nihari’ at Molana Shaukat Ali Road, ‘Haji nihari Waly’ jail road .

Cholay Pathooray (Bhaturay)

Crispy and fluffy deep-fried bread of Pathooray contains a delicious filling of lentils, minced meat, or boiled potatoes. It is served with chickpeas curry, grated radish,h, and pickles. People savor this famous dish both as breakfast and evening meals. It is locally available at most of the roadside eateries of the city.

Famous Cholay Pathooray eateries of Lahore

‘Kaka Pathooray waly’ New Anarkali road;

‘Lahori Shahi Pathooray’ Ichraa,

‘Haji Razzaq Mutton Pathooray’ muzang chungi,

‘Benazir Pathooray’ Samanabad town is some of the most famous pathoora eateries in Lahore.


Genuine Kashmiri dish Hareesa looks like Haleem appearance-wise but tastes very different. it is a blend of mutton meat and various lentils such as mong, mash, channa, and wheat grains and cooked on slow flame for several hours. When its gravy turns to a thick paste and is fully cooked, it is topped with a layer of hot kebabs and desi ghee. Hareesa is a winter dish as it gives people much-needed warmth and energy during cold weather.

Well-known Hareesa places in Lahore:

‘Amritsari hareesa’ Nisbet Road near Gawalmandi,

‘Butt cuisine’ Gadhafi stadium,

‘Baba Alam Mutton & Beef Hareesa’ Nisbat Road, are some of the old and famous shops selling scrumptious Hareesa in Lahore.







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